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Tips for Visiting Bev

I thought I should write up a few things you might want to know if you are planning to visit my mom.

She is still the same sweet person who is too nice and doesn't want to bother others with her pains and concerns.

She is more communicative and alert than she was in the hospital. If she slept through your visit then, you might want to try again now.

She gets very thirsty and needs help drinking and eating ice. Sometimes she can do straws but sometimes it's easier for her to sip from the cup.

She will be able to communicate better with you if you make eye contact.

Listen up. She can be very quiet when she speaks.

Touch her. She craves touch just like the rest of us. Hold her hands, rub her feet, give her a hug, whatever feels right to you. She has a hairbrush and leave-in conditioner in the bathroom if you want to brush her hair.

Talk to her. She will be happy to hear your stories about what has been happening in your life since you last saw each other. Even if she is not able to focus that well, she likes to hear the voices of friends and family.

Be honest with her. She forgets where she is and why. If she asks you, just be honest. If you are uncomfortable or scared, ask her nurse to come in and explain.

Bev is in room 12 of the Halcyon House Hospice in Atlanta, GA

 Halcyon House Entrance

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