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Children for Sale

They are driving me nuts!

  • Brittan yelled at Maxwell and his friend who was dropping him off from a sleepover. As soon as the boys walked in the house they moved towards her room and she thought they were going in and just started yelling. It was quite embarrassing since the dad was inside too.
  • Alora and Brittan keep making up rules for Maxwell and Zara to follow. "Don't hit the bush with a stick." Really? I think it's probably going to be ok if they hit the bush with a stick. I like to be a rule minimalist so that I don't have to enforce unrealistic rules but A and B don't seem to understand that.
  • A and B are in a high level logic math class this year and Alora wanted to know if I knew how to do any of the math they were learning. I was to flip through the book without reading anything and tell her what I knew how to do. Well I didn't really know any of it except the time zone calculations. She was so thrilled. I almost grabbed a calculus book off the shelf and did the same thing to her but I decided to be a nice mom instead. I'll be sure she sees my calc based stats book next semester.
  • Alora's job this month is to keep the floors clean and Britt does the dishes. M and Z do other small chores and sort of keep their room clean. Alora cleaned the upstairs floor today (after I took her book away). A little while later I came into the kitchen where she was sitting reading and asked if she'd cleaned downstairs. "I have to let my nails dry first." Seriously? She apparently got bored and forgot about the downstairs and painted her nails.
  • It's in the 50s today but instead of putting on warmer clothing than shorts and a t-shirt M keeps adding random layers like his bathrobe and Brad's baseball socks. Then he disrobes when he gets hot and leaves clothing all around the house. He keeps asking for hats and gloves but I'm not opening that box yet. It'll all be missing by the first snow, lol.

Meanwhile I was doing a couple online quizzes for biochem when Brittan realized the mice* are back. So now she's washing extra dishes. I cleaned out the drawers where the droppings were found and then did some research online. I ended up filling holes around the house with steel wool using a screwdriver and then calking the gap in the cement at our backdoor. I've done a lot of calking but this stuff was so thick my hands were sore and buzzing by the time I was done. I'm tired and I miss Brad and now I have mice to deal with. Ugh. All in all I have great kids and I've worked hard on that so I think I'll keep them. Anyone want to buy some mice? I think they live in between the floor and ceiling. I'll give you a really good deal but you'll have to find them.


*The mice in the kitchen are not Alora's pet mice. Those lovely ladies are still happily living in a cage in Alora's room.

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